Picky Eaters vs. Problem Feeders

Picky Eaters vs. 
Problem Feeders
Perhaps one of the most common topics when it comes to nutrition and Autism is picky eating. However, with ASD, picky eating can be much more than just that.
Picky eating:
  • Child eats less than 30 foods.
  • Foods lost due to burnout are regained after 2 weeks.
  • Able to tolerate new foods on plate, touch, or taste.
  • Eats at least one food from most food textures.
  • Adds new foods to repertoire in 15-25 steps.
Problem feeding:
  • Eats less than 20 foods.
  • Foods lost due to burnout are not regained.
  • Child “falls apart” when presented with new food.
  • Refuses entire categories of textures.
  • Adds new foods in over 25 steps.
  • Often needs feeding therapy.
{Did you know? There may be a number of contributing factors to a child’s feeding problems. It is important to seek professional help to identify underlying issues.}

Possible underlying factors may range from SPD to severe reflux and even food intolerances or sensitivities. A multi-disciplinary team of a dietitian, speech and language pathologist, behavioral therapist, occupational therapist, and physician can help your child resolve their feeding problem. Remember–sooner is better!

Marina works with the families of children with Autism, Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, ADD, and ADHD to create a unique roadmap towards improved health. Parents are valued as equal partners and are ultimately responsible for the case management of their child’s treatment. Together, a realistic nutrition care plan will be developed to both fit the child’s lifestyle, yet meet his or her health needs in a safe manner.
YOUR Ingredients For Health
We are the source of food and nutrition-related questions and concerns regarding ASDs, and would like to stay that way! E-mail us with your questions and comments, we will be sure to answer them: IngredientsForHealth@icloud.com.

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