Don’t make a New Year’s resolution

Why? Because they usually last between 1 and 2 months! Make a permenant resolution instead. Do you notice how advertisements for gyms and diet programs sky-rocket in December? And do you notice how every year people try to make the same resolutions? Among the many resolutions, weight loss is at the very top of the list. Let’s think about this…the holidays just passed (and many people over ate), and all of a sudden we need to think of one thing to change in the new year, so most of us automatically think of weight loss! While weight loss is something many of us need, we need to approach it more subtly–as a lion would approach its prey, we need to approach our resolutions……….in other words,  start off with small steps and work your way to your goal, then pounce on it and don’t give it up.

For example, a lot of people I know said they would go running 3 times each week from now on, as a resolution.

How long do you think that lasted? Answer: not even one week!

This is because you need to make a reasonable goal, otherwise it is very possible it will crash and burn. A better resolution might be to go running once a week for a month, then increase it to twice per week for another month, and the third month go 3 times per week, and keep it up for years to come (if you’re a runner).

DON’T make a resolution if you won’t enjoy doing it. Do yo really like running? Or you’re just trying to fit in more exercise? If you’re not a fan of running, will you really want to go running 144 times each year?

Here are some more sensible resolutions for getting in shape:

  • Sign up for a class (yoga, martial arts, pilates, spinning, rock climbing) This way you have an obligation to show up on certain days/times, and you can socialize with others in the class
  • Sign up for a club or intramural team for a sport you enjoy
  • Walk or ride your bike to work some days of the week (Tuesdays & Thursdays, or Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • If you need to drive or take a train to work, park your car 1 mile or so away from work, then walk the rest of the way some days of the week. Or, get off of the bus/train/subway one or two stops before you normally would.
  • Go for a walk every night after dinner, or before breakfast–by yourself, with a friend, or neighbor!
  • Cut back on foods that are high in sodium, sugar, and fat to only once per day, or a few times per week.
  • Go running 3 times per week (if that’s what you’re into!) 🙂
  • Give up elevators and walk up escalators whenever possible
  • Stretch well every day


If the resolution seems far-fetched, think about ways to make it reachable. Begin with a few days per week, or a few minutes per day. The goal is to keep these resolutions for years and years to come. Then next year, you can start to make resolutions based on other things! Like saving more money, volunteering your time, flossing your teeth, etc!

oh, and *Happy New Year!*

Book an appointment here! Marina Bedrossian, RDN, CDN, CLT is a family holistic dietitian who specializes in nutrition for digestive issues, nutrition for Autism, ADHD, and nutrition for food sensitivities. 


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