What the…Dill?

I love my CSA box because it provides me with fresh organic herbs each week! (Although my own herb garden would be ideal,I have to pass on that since I cannot grow a darn thing in my apartment due to the severe lack of light.) I am always excited to see my basil. Parsley is okay, since I chop it up and freeze it for later use in sauces and salads. The cilantro is also nice to add into salads, tacos, and guacamole. But the dill has begun to get old (literally and figuratively speaking). What is there to do with dill? I’ve used it in salads, yogurt sauce, with fish, and even cooked and ate it on its own! Yes, I could dry it, but I already have plenty of dried dill weed, and it doesn’t freeze well.

Just when I thought there were no more possibilities, I was reminded of a simple way to prepare dill with rice and lima beans! It’s, it’s, it’s Armenian!

Traditionally, this rice dish is made with white, long grain rice. I like to use brown rice because it has more vitamins and fiber..and it keeps me full longer!

Rice with Lima Beans and Dill

You’ll need:

  • 1 cup of brown rice (or long grain white rice if you must)
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 2/3 cup lima beans (frozen is fine)
  • 1/4 cup chopped dill weed, loosely packed (dried dill weed should be okay too)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Cook the rice in 2 cups of simmering water (if you like your rice a bit more firm, use 1-3/4 cups of water). Let simmer for about 40 minutes (brown rice) or 15 minutes (white rice). Taste test the rice a few separate times  towards the end to make sure it does not over cook.
  2. Thaw the lima beans in another pan with a tablespoon of water, covered on medium heat, or in the microwave
  3. Add the oil, beans, dill, salt, and pepper to the rice and mix well.

Serves 4

Book an appointment here! Marina Bedrossian, RDN, CDN, CLT is a family holistic dietitian who specializes in nutrition for digestive issues, nutrition for Autism, ADHD, and nutrition for food sensitivities. 



  1. What a great idea Marina! I’ve never given dill a chance, mainly because I think of it in pickles and not much else, but this dish sounds terrific. I’ll have to make it soon, and maybe add a little plain yogurt or light sour cream on top.

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